About Nate Gotz

Nate Gotz is a consulting Network Architect for IP ArchiTechs Managed Services – www.iparchitechs.com based in Milwaukee, WI.

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He spent 9 years building and maintaining a large electric and gas utility network providing both IT services and OT SCADA services over common infrastructure. At the utility, he worked across a variety of networking technologies working on TDM, MPLS, RF, and DWDM technologies. He joined IPA in 2020 with a focus on designing new WISPs/FISPs and helping automate those networks.

Career Highlights

  • Experienced with designing and implementing secure Operational Technology (OT) networks
  • Experienced with planning and cutting over critical microwave paths limiting downtime
  • Automated configuration process decreasing deployment times from days to hours
  • Experienced with troubleshooting legacy TDM circuits (DS0, DS1, DS3)
  • Tested and built a TDM pseudowire MPLS system to transport legacy TDM services. This required designing and building an IEEE 1588v2 PTP network and creating QoS profiles to prioritize the TDM traffic properly

Project Highlights

  • Lead project to convert from legacy TDM services to IP/MPLS based services
  • Designed and built large scale electric and gas utility MPLS network supporting over 300 sites
  • Upgraded critical microwave path between 5 sites providing critical SCADA services with no downtime
  • Built or upgraded multiple power plant IT and secure networks
  • Created networking and rack standards for substation network deployments deploying to 150+ substations

Areas of Interest

  • Network Automation
  • MPLS
  • Network timing – PTP, SyncE
  • Two-way radio
  • Designing highly available and redundant MPLS pseudowire systems for electric and gas utilities
  • Legacy Systems – Channel Banks, Paging, DACS
  • Backhaul microwave


Nate is a consulting Network Architect for IP ArchiTechs. If you would like to inquire about consulting services,  he can be reached at [email protected]