About Vince Schuele

Vince Schuele is a consulting Network Architect for IP ArchiTechs Managed Services – www.iparchitechs.com based in Augusta, GA.

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He spent 8 years as an officer in the United States Army as a Signal Officer followed by becoming a telecommunication systems engineer officer.  Upon transition he began to work as a consulting network architect at IP architechs managed service.  After spending time as a platoon leader and executive officer he moved to managing the satellite communication nodes for US Army Europe.  Then moved into large scale MPLS deployments, highly secure data center deployments, coalition networking, and finally rounded out his time in service advising on and deploying security strategy for United States European Command.  His main focus these days is on service provider and enterprise data center deployments. 

Career Highlights

  • Numerous certifications including CCNP Enterprise, CISSP, CCNA security
  • Advanced training and experience on Satellite communications: spacecraft to ground station and everything in between
  • Deployed several large scale coalition/NATO networks across Europe
  • Work on NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified deployments

Project Highlights

Areas of Interest

  • Segment Routing MPLS
  • Traffic Engineering
  • BGP and MPLS design
  • EVPN (MPLS and VxLAN)
  • Automation


Vince is a consulting Network Architect for IP ArchiTechs. If you would like to inquire about consulting services,  he can be reached at [email protected]