MikroTik – RouterOSv7 first look – VxLAN

VxLAN support added in 7.0beta5

MikroTik announced VxLAN support on Valentine’s Day (Feb 14th) of 2020.

This is a significant feature addition for RouterOSv7 as it will pave the way for a number of other additions like EVPN in BGP.

It will also give MikroTik the ability to appeal to enterprises and data centers that might need cost-effective VxLAN capable devices.

Service Providers are also moving towards VxLAN as a future replacement for VPLS so this is helpful for that market as well.

Download the OVA here:


The initial release of VxLAN is based on unicast and multicast to deliver Layer 2 frames.

As there is no EVPN support, the VTEPs must be manually configured for each endpoint in a full mesh configuration.

The VxLAN interface can then be bridged to a physical ethernet port or VLAN interface to deliver the traffic to the end host.

Lab Example

Here is an overview lab in EVE-NG with a basic setup using 3 linux servers on the same subnet which is carried as an overlay by VxLAN.

VxLAN reachability for VTEPs is acheived with OSPFv2 and loopback addresses.

VNI: 100
Multicast Group:

Lab Validation

In the following packet capture, traffic to UDP port 8472 can be seen between two endpoints.

The ICMP ping test between server 1 ( and server 2 ( is also visible

Pings between Server 1 and Servers 2 & 3





3 thoughts to “MikroTik – RouterOSv7 first look – VxLAN”

    1. VxLAN solves a number of scale and loop avoidance issues that VPLS has. It also does not require LDP or other MPLS signalling and can work over IP.

      Also, you can use a 1500 byte MTU, you just have to adjust the IP MTU on the transit links. I was building the lab quickly and just lowered the tunnel but you can certainly use a larger MTU if the equipment supports it.

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