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Network Engineering, Design, News, Reviews and the occasional opinion

StubArea51.NET is the official technical and network engineering blog of IP ArchiTechs Managed Services – www.iparchitechs.com.

StubArea51 derives its name from a mix of two different elements:

  1. Area 51 (or more properly Area – Area 51 is the name given to the development lab at the IP ArchiTechs office in Flowood, Mississippi
  2. A Stub Area in OSPF is one that does not allow external routes (Type 5 LSAs)
  3. We thought the two put together made for a decent network geek blog title 🙂

StubArea51.NET will focus heavily on MikroTik and RouterOS as much of our day to day consulting involves MikroTik design and integration. We do however deal with a number of other vendors and will have a variety of posts centered around networking and related technologies.

Stay tuned for a wide range of topics including:

  • Full Global BGP Table in a MikroTik VM using GNS3
  • Using MikroTik in the Enterprise
  • IPv6 transition using load balancers
  • CCR 1072 performance review series
  • Using MikroTik as a Traffic Shaper/Policer for L3 switches
  • Whitebox networking
  • SDN
  • SD WAN
  • BGP in the Data Center and Enterprise.
  • And more!


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  1. Glad I found this site. I have a mix of Juniper/Mikrotik at home and your articles are very easy to read and understand and love that you give the CLI info to make it all work!

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