WEBINAR: ISP Design – Separation of Network Functions

Recently, we recorded a webinar to explain a design concept frequently used by iparchitechs.com to build and migrate WISP, FISP and Telco networks – separation of network functions. It centers around simplification of roles within an ISP network. It also explores the use of lower-cost commodity network equipment to maximize the service area for a given ISP footprint while meeting key requirements like scale, redundancy and capacity.

Topics that were covered include:

  • What are network functions?
  • Design examples for WISP/FISP and Telco
  • Equipment and budget considerations

Here is an example of solving design/operational issues with network function separation:

Link to the webinar and slides:

Webinar: Webinar Recording
Slides: Slide Deck


WEBINAR: Deploying IPv6 for WISPs and FISPs.

A few weeks ago, we recorded a webinar on deploying IPv6 for WISPs and FISPs. As IPv6 adoption continues to climb, developing an IPv6 strategy for design, deployment and system integration is an important step before subscribers begin asking for IPv6.

Some of the topics that were covered include:

  • IPv6 basics – addressing, subnetting, types
  • IPv6 design and deployment
  • IPv6 systems and operations

Here is an example of getting started with IPv6 deployment at the border of the ASN

Link to the webinar and slide deck

Webinar: click here

Slides: click here